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My Song "More" has won 2 lyric contests!!!
I won in both July and September of 2008. You can listen to this award winning song here: More

I was interviewed on UnityFM by Richard Mekdeci.
You can hear the 45 minute show aired on Oct 17, 2008 here:UnityFM Interview and look through his Content Library by date.

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XM Radio plays Cliff's songs
"The CD(Dreamers and Children) sounds wonderful with heartfelt lyrics. I really enjoyed the selections and really liked Life’s a Mystery by its lyrical content and musical flavor. Cuts 1(Love Is Knowing You), 3(Life's A Mystery)and 6(Dad's Song) were my favorites and you will hear them on Channel 76 within the next few days."
Ben Smith, Program Director, Fine Tuning(XM 76)Feb. '07

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Song Made Special

A Song Made Especially for you or for any reason. As long as it has a positive message, I will write and record it in broadcast quality.(good enough to be played on the radio)
You tell me what you want the song to say, an affirmation, a love note, a song about a particular person, place or thing; whatever you want the song to be I will write and record it in any style of music you want.

Imagine listening to a song that said exactly what you wanted to hear with the kind of catchy hook that gets stuck bouncing around inside your head.

Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back!

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welcome to the music of Cliff Rubin

Heart and Soul
Cliff Rubin's passion is to celebrate the good in life that is all around us. His work reflects the power that is within each of us and is a musical mirror of the awakened spirit in everyday relationship. Cliff's performances have the power to incite the spirit of love in family relationships. People are touched, changed and inspired in his concerts and take home with them the feeling that they are capable of more love, hope and joy then they have ever allowed themselves to know. It is this reflection of everyday human relationship as experienced through the deep well of the soul that offers a picture of what is truly available to us in life. Cliff's work is as timeless as it is fresh, and connects with the eternal that lives within us all. Cliff knows the power of his music and the message it reinforces in group consciousness. Use Cliff's work as many others do, to stir the depths of your being and remind you of your oneness with spirit.

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What Other's Say
"Cliff Rubin's music lifts the spirit, touches the heart and heals the soul." Edwene Gaines, Author of The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity

"Cliff will inspire, motivate and uplift your soul to attain glorious heights of love, joy and enthusiasm. Use this music as I do and I guarantee you will be blessed." Terry Cole-Whittaker, Author and Lecturer